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25 October 2009 @ 05:01 pm
stop biting. you make everything cliche.

stop lying. you look so cheap.

stop pretending. do you even know who you are anymore?
26 June 2009 @ 03:52 pm
Whats your favorite MJ song?

Scream. best song!!
best music video.

and then of course, Remember the Time & You Rock My World

I'll always love those songs
26 June 2009 @ 12:26 am
kids need to stop talking about Michael Jackson like he's inspired them so much. please, the majority of his work was all said and done before you were even born. dont act like he made you a better person or changed your life. yeah, its sad that he died but just because you like the songs he made doesnt mean he touched your heart. I mean fuck, everybody pretty much labeled him a pedophile. and now he's a legend again? you guys are fake as hell.

its like you're using MJ for your 15 seconds of fame. maybe if you put pictures of him on your myspace, people will think you're sensitive and cool.

especially Miley Cyrus. how the fuck did he influence your career, Miley?

I'd say unless you're an rnb artist or you were some kid back in the 70s/80s who watched MJ on tv every day, dont trip.

Farrah battles cancer for 3 years and its suddenly unimportant.

RIP Farrah Fawcett
RIP Michael Jackson
29 May 2009 @ 07:37 pm

so I started out the day at Caro's house. Sarah, Chris, Jamie, and I met up there so we could carpool to the Carbon Canyon Park where we were taking pictures. good thing it wasnt hot. it was still REALLY frickin windy. I should start carrying those travel size bottles of hairspray. hahah anyways, took us a while to find the spot but when we got there things went pretty well. Eunice's cousin is a pretty good photographer afterall. teehee!

so yeah, then we went to eat. we orginally were going to Buca but that changed to Tokyo Lobby. then THAT changed to PF Changs last minute. I was like what the fuuuuuuh. I dont want to go eat at a place right next to my house. but whatever, we got there and the food was good... cant complain. oh but the dumbass we had as a waiter made a mistake on my order. so i had to wait longer. niiiice.

then we all went down to this girl Destiny's house where the limo was meeting us. so there we met up with the other half of our group. we had a very interracial group y'know? asian kids, hispanic kids, black kids... and I was the only white kid. hahaha whaaaatever. and all together there was about... 18? 19? idk.

arite, so we're watching the Laker game waiting for Diamond to get there with the limo. 2 frickin hours! the game ended and we were still waiting. then Destiny gets a call from Diamonds mom(I think?) and she starts screaming and stuff. and so apparently our limo broke down and the company felt so bad that they got us a PARTY BUS!! ahhhhh shit! hahaha so everybody runs outside and yeah... it was just a really emotional moment fa errbody. haha
PICTURESCollapse )

and thats it. just a few more days left of school. WOW!
oh yeah, guys! when you get your yearbooks, look at page 191! haha
26 May 2009 @ 08:49 pm
so apparently SOMEBODY spray painted '09' and 'W' on all the trees and rocks and columns at school. and I overheard a security guard talking about it and he said that they might be taking the whole class of 2009 responsible until someone comes forward. but whatever, they wont go through with it. its pretty cool though. but I wish they spent more time on some of the columns. they did some pretty sloppy 09s. haha

anyways... Im still getting all the prom pictures together. I didnt take my camera so Im just waiting for other people to send me theirs.

andddd um... this week is going to be so rough. I have alot of projects due and finals to study for. AND HOLY CRAP! SENIORITIS IS KILLING ME RIGHT NOW! no joke, Im done. graduation please!

I made this for my english project. its the cover to a manuscript about my life. I think its like... 19 pages long. it was the longest but easiest essay I've ever written.

I wasnt sure what the title should be. so since I was lacking creativity I thought.. why not be cliche and pick a song name. haha so thats what I did. lol Mrs. Scott wont know what the hell it means.

tomorrow is some weird Senior Awards Night. I have no idea what that means but apparently I won something? lol we'll see.
25 May 2009 @ 02:09 am

05.16.09 the luau
05.19.09 my birthday

the luau was really good despite how unprepared some people were. the backdrops were amazingggg!!! honestly, I was expecting to see a bunch of shit thrown together last minute. too bad nobody got any pictures of them. anyways, everybody did REALLY well. it was alot better than last year. I stayed after the show to hang out with the poly club officers. oh, and I still managed to snatch a pineapple :) it made my car smell fresh and pineappley the next day

my birthday was cool too. Im just happy that Im older. though, its getting hard to resist spending the money I got. and I srsly need to save since most of my money went towards Prom. I think the picture is pretty self-explanatory as to what I did for my birthday. except for the fact that I also saw Star Trek. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER, MY HOMIES! :)

Prom was Saturday. omg, it took my three tries to spell "Saturday" right just now. whatever... its late. and as you can see, Im still hella tired from prom. and kinda sick. I'll get over that though. time to do my homework today! seeing as I slept all day yesterday. but can you blame me? no. so stfu!

bye :)
18 May 2009 @ 10:37 pm
my birthday is tomorrow! :)
13 May 2009 @ 02:11 pm
I want to do the Senior Talent Show SO bad but my friends are all really tired or busy :(

idk... this post was really just so that I can remember everything going on.

-figure out senior talent show
-the luau is on Friday
-my birthday is on Tuesday but Im celebrating it on Sunday
-kinda need to go vest shopping Sunday
-need to figure out pictures, party bus price, and food(too bad Eunice never tells me ANYTHING)
-check out that flower store at The Shoppes to see if they do boutonnieres and corsages
-talk to Fevan about disneyland
-tell Katrina that she is racist and that bus segregation is wrong

I made the flyer for the luau. look! isnt it cool? :D whatever, at least I get mentioned in the thank you section of the program :D :D
11 May 2009 @ 10:16 pm
I still dont know much of what we're doing with Prom. we were deciding on which group to merge with since we only have about 11 people in ours. one group had 17 people and another had something like... idk... twenty something... anyway, I think we decided to go with the larger group because of the cost of the party bus. plus, the smaller group was going to some mexican restaurant and Andrew Perez does NOT do that. mexicana comida por Prom? no bueno. Im sure I fucked up that sentence. dont jump on me about it though! I HAVENT TAKEN SPANISH IN TWO YEARS! haha but yeah, so thats gross. I dont know where the larger group is going but I think it'll be better than that. hopefully Italian.

we also wanted to take pictures outside of school but we might be doing that alone because Im not sure if any of the groups would want to do that. how cheap right? its your fucking senior prom! whatever though.

then prom is at The Ocean Institute in Dana Point. seems pretty cool from what I've heard. everybody's excited that its right next to the beach. Im just glad that its not at some funky ass country club like last year. Arroyo Country Club... what bullshit that was. this will be better though. Im sure. now I just have to get a formal outfit. Im not renting a suit because I think I look MUCH better in just a vest and tie. and a shirt of course. LOL I just hate suits. they make my shoulders look big. so yeah... Caro and I are going in black, grey, and white.

this is the place. looks REAL nice. I wonder if they'll let us ride the boats. because then I can say IM ON A BOAT!!!! haha
06 May 2009 @ 09:18 pm

The last rally of the year was last friday. which means the last rally for us seniors.... kinda sad. idk why but I decided to crash the leadership picture. teehee! it was lacking some 2009. and yes, Andrew Perez must be in the center!!!! that is the only acception. its funny how the picture is full of purple and yellow. freshy/sophy colors. hah duuuude, I think Im gonna miss rallies.

this was also the last class comp that the class of 2009 would ever put on. so ALOT of kids joined this one and we learned and practiced everything in practically a week. omgnowaywow! Bethany and Krystle are amazin-mazin. hahaa so yeah... the whole thing is set up like this:

choreoCollapse )

My spot is always way on the right, except for the buck piece when Im way on the left. look for the dude in grey jeans :)

This is just the beginning of the dance but it has a better view of the floor without too much shaking:

This one was taken at rally night. we were just doing a runthrough so we're not going all out. although, this is the only one where you can see me perfectly in the buck piece. oh wait... but I was just learning the buck piece that day so I didnt have it completely down in this one:

2 more videosCollapse )

so Im just waiting for everybody else to upload their videos.. if they even do. I know more people recorded it!!!! >:(
eh, whatever.

The rally was so fun. all the class comps did pretty well. though.. the freshmen are still biters :) nahhh kidding. we made shirts for ourselves. most people did the W symbol but I wanted to do something more so I made this into a stencil and spray painted my own shirt.
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